Review on Christopher Webb Films: AIR RACER - Chasing the Dream
Review by Jan Peters

This documentary tells the story of the Nemesis Air Racing Team from the beginning to the record-setting Championship in 2008. The main topics are:

· Some history and general information about Air Racing.

· Footage from the development of the NXT prototype, the first flight and four years at the Reno Air Races.

· Statements of many people who were involved, team members and competitors.

That doesn't sound very exciting to you? Wrong! The story itself is exciting and presented very well. To see how the project moves on with all the setbacks and triumphs will glue you to the front of your screen. Here you can see segments from the development of the NXT including model wind tunnel testing, Patricia Sharp manufacturing carbon fiber parts, and witness the team's motivation and teamwork.

After about 15 minutes of the movie we reach the first flight and get to see the first air-to-air video of the ultimate race plane. On September 15th 2004, the NXT's first qualifying run, the gear collapses on touch down and Jon Sharp couldn't race Nemesis NXT in its first season. Great footage of something nobody wanted to see happen.

After 36 Minutes we get to see Race #3X in the 2005 season as it looks today. Happiness about the first race alternates with disappointment about vibration problems. While Jon Sharp couldn't finish the Gold Race, Kevin Eldredge races his beautiful new blue NXT Racer # 42 "Relentless" to a 3rd place finish. The following years are pure success. Every year a new qualifying record, a new race record, and the Championship trophy.

This 65-minute-documentary is full of nice footage. We get to see racing scenes from interesting perspectives like in-cockpit views. The camera work is awesome. In addition to nice pictures we get some technical insight. Technical explanations include the use of ADI to keep the engines together and aerodynamic modifications to the airframe.

The filmmakers talked to the right people like competing pilots Kevin Eldredge, John Parker and Darryl Greenamyer and engineers Andy Chiavetta and Dr. Jürg Sommerauer. And they talked to the members of the Nemesis Team like crew chief Steve Hill and engineers Kevin Luttge, Daren Kimura and a very young Elliot Seguin, who meanwhile became a Formula One race pilot himself. What they have to say is interesting. And their faces alone tell an impressive story about enthusiasm, dedication, excitement, disappointments and happiness.

This film is a compromise. But one of the best I could think of. It's not made only for tech heads and not only for pedestrians. Christopher Webb and his Team managed to create a fascinating movie. It's great for people who don't know anything about Air Racing and it's great for long time Air Race Fans too. It's a wonderful movie you need to see.

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